Volatility Hasn’t Broken the Stock Market Bulls

We saw an interesting week in the financial markets, as well as in the economic and political news. If we had to characterize it all in one word, the best fit might be: volatility. With open warfare breaking out in Libya, and overshadowing the more portentous events in Bahrain and Yemen, volatility may be with us for some time.

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One thought on “Volatility Hasn’t Broken the Stock Market Bulls

  1. Hello Harry,

    I really like how you list each consolidation’s selling %.

    * 10% in June 2009
    * 8% in January 2010
    * 20% April – June 2010
    * 4.6% in November 2010
    * 3.8% Currently

    With the indicator studying that I’ve done recently, I believe that we’ve seen the extent of this selling. It wasn’t meant to be a deep consolidation. November declined 54 points and February 50.

    The S&P made support from the channel dating back to September 2009. The futures are down as I write this, but the market has been finding support since September.

    Yet, Mr. Market is the boss here. Let us see what happens tomorrow.

    Thank you for your blog.


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